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Signs That You Have A Shower Seals Leak and How To Deal With The Problem

Leaks anywhere create damages. However, shower leaks result in the long term damage to the structure of a building and are expensive to repair. If you delay repairs, these leaks in your shower seal can only compound your expenses and prove stressful to attend. You can save yourself all this trouble and expense by calling professionals at Water Leak King for repairs as soon as you notice any leaks.

A bathroom needs to receive more attention than we normally give it. This is the most used area in a house and more prone to wear and tear. It is better to carry out the repairs before things get out of control and it also means you need to know what signs to look out for. Here are some signs of a shower leak.

Signs of Leaks in Shower Seal Leaks

Shower leaks happen due to various reasons, and notable among them are:

  • Cracks in bathroom tiles
  • Shower seal grout deteriorates or missing
  • Swelled up skirting boards
  • The paint of interior and exterior wall and ceiling peeling
  • Dampness
  • Musty smell due to wet carpet and wallpaper
  • Mould in places like cupboards, ceilings, and walls
  • Staines on timber under the house or subfloor

Causes of Shower Seals Leakages

Shower seals leakages are attributable to several factors, such as:

  • – Movement in the Building Structure- Sometimes a building settles into its foundation. Even changes like hot and cold weather cause a building to move imperceptibly. These movements affect the structure of a building and can cause shower leaks.
  • – Building Structure Weakens/Cracks- When these movements occur, they not only weaken the structure but also cause cracks in shower seal, grout, and joints in the floor and walls. The water finds its way through the cracks and reaches under the surface of the tiles. 
  • – Deteriorating Waterproof Membrane- Waterproofing is the way to prevent water from penetrating the walls and seeping under the floor of the bathroom. The efficiency of the waterproofing deteriorates because of the structural movements explained above, grout loss, and poor installation. This results in cracks in the waterproofing membrane allowing water to seep through to the surrounding areas and creates damage.

We Are the Best

Shower repair work needs skilled and experienced plumbers. We are a credible and fully licensed company in the plumbing industry for many years. We have carried out several bathroom jobs efficiently and cost-effectively to the 100 per cent satisfaction of our customers.

Our trained plumbers have handled the tricky jobs of bathroom leakages with excellent results and always recheck the results. We at Water Leak King address the shower leak problems promptly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We follow a proven inspection process to handle all types of leaking shower repairs.

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