Stop wasting water and fix your leaking shower!

Wall Leaking Water

Your shower gets a decent day by day exercise and it is no big surprise that after some time it is expected to have a water leak happen. When shower leaks do happen its essential to repair them immediately so they don’t do any harm to your home and also so you aren’t paying for water that you are not using!


In some cases the overall condition of the shower is not very pleasing and a full sealing service might be needed. This service consists of few different tasks such as repairing the grout, sealing the leaking taps, pressure testing the shower pipes and etc. As Water Leak King, we will be doing all the necessary work to with over the bar quality whenever you need it from . We would like to explain you some parts of our full seal service so that you have a clear understanding of what is going on.


Grout is an exceptionally successful obstruction that stops water entering into the substrate of your walls however after some time it can wear away and never again be viable. In the event that this happens water will begin to splash into the different layers of the divider underneath and can cause decay over a overtime. Its best to re-grout at regular intervals and furthermore supplant any broken tiles as well.


Another common problem people often face is shower head connections. Water leak might happen because of a wrongly fitted shower head or simply overtime use. In both cases it needs to be looked at to either tighten or seal them. It is important to pressure test the pipes once they are fixed to make sure there is no leaking anymore.


A leaking shower might not seem like a big deal to many of us but it can and do cause bigger problems if overlooked over the time. First of all, leaking showers, taps can waste an incredible amount of water. If your shower is leaking you are probably not the only one, considering thousands of houses have this problem, the water that is so easily accessible to us but not to many unfortunate people is going to waste. Anybody who cares for the environment should be very careful at not wasting water no matter what causes it. Leaking showers do not only damage the environment but also our pockets. People who get high water bills should check for possible leaks.


Another side effect of leaking showers is structural damage. Constant water getting into walls and fundamental structure of your house can cause serious problems that will not be as simple to fix. It is cheaper and easier to fix a leak rather than reconstructing your house.

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