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Shower Leaking Penrith

Do you suffer from a leaking shower?  Do you need a shower repair Penrith?

Before you call a plumber, call Water Leak King!

Why call Water Leak King?

Well, for starters, we are a well-respected western suburbs waterproofing business that specialize in sealing leaking showers and balconies. We have an experienced team and ideally located to repair leaking showers Penrith.

Statistics show over 95% of leaking showers are not actually plumbing related.

You wouldn’t call a carpenter to paint your house so why call a plumber to repair what isn’t a plumbing problem?

Shower repair is what we do! Unlike a plumber we do not charge ridiculous hourly rates and call out fees. Our service is a flat price and guaranteed!

How much do we charge?

We will always be upfront on the cost and only charge for the repair that is needed. A standard shower base seal is only $440 with a 10 year warranty. We also offer a grout replacement to the entire shower recess for an additional $110. In extreme cases it may be necessary to grind out the shower base joints before replacing grout. If this service is needed the price for the floor grind will be $100

What happens if I just leave it?

A leaking shower will not only warp and rot floorboards, ruin carpets and skirting but if left unattended it will eventually swell structural timbers and deteriorate concrete causing major structural damage and many thousands of dollars in complicated repairs.

So don’t wait. We like to think of our $440 fee as an investment not an expense.

To prevent further damage and for your long term peace of mind call Water Leak King now to book a shower repair Penrith. Call 1300 885 382

Water Leak King also offer balcony repairs, bathroom makeovers and grout and silicone replacement.

For a quote or for more information on our services please call our technician direct on 0450 14 14 14

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