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Shower Leaking Liverpool

Do you have a leaking shower Liverpool?  Not sure who to call?
Most people with a leaking shower should call a plumber, right? No,wrong!!
Statistics prove most leaking showers are not plumbing related. So why call a plumber. Plumbers are not waterproofers. Oh sure, a plumber will still try & seal a leaking shower but they will most likely use silicone or other shelf products that are simply ineffective & won’t last. So before you waste a fortune on hourly plumbing rates and call out fees, keep reading….
Water Leak King offer a much cheaper and better alternative.

Why Water Leak King?

Water Leak King are a well-respected waterproofing business, ideally located to repair leaking showers Liverpool. We use a specially formulated epoxy seal which is so effective and durable we can comfortably offer a 10 year warranty. We have successfully sealed thousands of bathrooms and balconies for home owners, real estates, business etc. and we are a preferred service for many government departments. Water Leak King, as the name suggests, stops water leaking. Guaranteed.

So how much will it cost?

We will always be upfront on cost. A standard shower base seal is only $440 with warranty. We also offer to re-grout the entire shower recess for an additional $110
We will only charge for the repair that is needed.

What happens if I do nothing about it?

Leaving a shower to leak will not only ruin floorboards, rot skirtings, damage carpets and peel paintwork but it will eventually swell structural timbers & deteriorate concrete causing major damage and expensive complicated repairs.
Water Leak King will prevent this at a fraction of the cost. We believe a $440 shower seal is an investment not an expense.

Water Leak King offer a full range of services including balcony repairs, bathroom beautification, grout and silicone replacement.

To repair leaking showers Liverpool call a technician direct on 1300 885 382 or email your enquiry

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