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Shower Leaking Blacktown

Did you know 95% of all leaking showers are not plumbing related yet most people call a plumber?

Why is my shower leaking then?

There are many reasons a shower may be leaking but the most common reasons are building movement, tile joints, silicone peeling, gaps and grout decay.

If not a plumber then how do I fix it?

Water Leak King specialise in shower repairs Blacktown.  Before you waste money on expensive plumbing rates and call out fees there is a better cost effective alternative. Water Leak King as the implies, stops water leaking. It’s what we do! A plumber is not a specialist waterproofer. We are! Oh sure, a plumber will try and patch a leak using silicone or shelf products. But this is ineffective and will not last. Water Leak King use a specially formulated epoxy seal that is so effective and durable we can comfortably offer a 10 year warranty. A plumber will not!

So how much will Water Leak King charge to repair repair my leaking shower?

We will always be upfront on cost and only charge for what repair is needed. A standard shower base seal is only $440 and guaranteed! We can also include a full shower grout replacement for an additional $110

What happens if I just ignore the leak?

Continued leaking will not only ruin floorboards, invite white ants, damage carpets, smell and peel paint in will eventually swell structural timbers and deteriorate concrete causing major structural damage and many thousands of dollars in complicated repairs.

It is always best to act sooner rather than later.

Don’t put it off. We like to think $440 is an investment. We guarantee to stop the leak.

Water Leak King offer a full range of services including balcony seals and repairs, full bathroom makeovers, silicone and grout replacement.

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