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Shower Leaking Ashfield

Did you know 95% of all leaking showers are not plumbing related?

Leaking showers are very common and mostly caused by building movement, tile junctions, gaps and grout decay or poor silicone on shower screens. None of which are plumbing related, yet people still call a plumber to repair leaking showers Ashfield. Oh sure, most plumbers will still try and patch a leak using silicone or other shelf ‘plugging’ products, but these products are ineffective & do not last. So before you call a plumber for shower repairs Ashfield and spend a fortune on hourly rates and call out fees, keep reading….

Water Leak King are a well-respected inner west waterproofing business that offer a better way to repair leaking showers Ashfield. We use a specially formulated epoxy that is so effective and durable we can comfortably offer a 10 year warranty. A plumbers warranty…..well you know the answer to that!

We have successfully sealed thousands of showers and balconies for home owners, real estates, businesses and we are a preferred contractor for many government bodies.

Why choose Water Leak King for shower repairs Ashfield?

As our name suggests we are experts in detecting and stopping water leaks. It’s what we do. And it’s guaranteed!

How much does it cost? 

We offer an industry low price of $440 to seal a shower. We also offer a grout replacement to all shower walls for an additional $110 (note: grout replacement is mostly done for cosmetic reasons. Shower wall grout is very rarely a cause of leaks). In extreme cases it may be necessary to grind out the floor tile joints to effect a seal. If this is deemed necessary, the cost is an additional $100. And that’s it! 95% of the time $440 will seal a leaking shower!

What happens if you just leave it leaking?

Leaving a leaking shower will not only warp floorboards, damage carpets and cause damp mouldy peeling paintwork but it will eventually swell structural timbers and deteriorate concrete causing major structural damage and many thousands of dollars in complicated repairs.

A $440 Water Leak King Seal will stop this from ever happening.

It’s a small price for the security and peace of mind.

Water Leak King also do balcony repairs, bathroom makeovers, grout and silicone replacements and bathroom tiling.

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