Shower Over Bath Seal

New silicone around your shower will definitely provide a clean new look you may have been trying to achieve for years. It will also go a long way into helping you avoid costly water damages. Our shower over bath seal services are specifically designed for that wet area of your bathroom. Even a leak from your shower that may seem small could progress into a potential risk causing you or your loved ones to slip or even graduate into a breakage that floods your entire house.

Our products are environmentally friendly and available in a range of varying colors to provide a superior seal and prevent any leakages. The appearance is also undeniably elegant and will perfectly match your bathroom regardless of its design. We will deep clean the shower enclosure with the use of deep extraction equipment to ensure the extraction of all contaminants from the grout and tiles.

Our replacement solutions are totally stain-proof and waterproof to ensure that your shower is not only beautiful but free from leaks as well after installation. Our specialists are fully trained in the application of silicone professionally and we recommend that you have it installed in your shower corners as soon as you notice a leak. We promise to make the experience of removing the silicone and replacing it not just simple but also enjoyable and safe.