Shower Regrouting

No matter how much you take care of your shower tiles you cannot avoid the inevitable – the tiles will get damaged and dirty over time. Mould, mildew and soap scum are also likely to accumulate on your shower tiles and give you a difficult time to clean. Why not get rid of the old damaged tiles and have new ones that will match your shower better? Water Leak King will happily waterproof & re-tile your shower with quality tiles that will serve you for years to come.

We have worked on countless projects over the years and pleased our customers at every instance. Your shower needs work done? We do it all – removing and fixing shower screens where it is needed, removing existing floor and wall tiles to replace with new ones and much more. Showers used to be simple cabinets because people were scared that any special architectural additions could cause a leak—and expensive repairs. But modern tiling materials, especially spreadable waterproof membranes, have erased these fears. Apply 2 coats of waterproofing membrane to floor and 150mm up the wall in accordance with Australian standards will make sure there are no leaks. We take responsibility of the whole process – cleaning and preparing the base for waterproofing.

With the help of tiles during the construction of the cabin, you can level the walls, disguise the errors of repair, and hide some constructive elements in the bathroom. Using ceramic elements of various types, you can create a mini-zone that stylistically will not differ from the rest of the room, whereas modern plastic and glass cubicles can hardly fit even in the classic interior.

Our services include but not limited:

  • Removing old screed
  • Replacing villa board to walls where required
  • Laying new screed to the floor if required
  • Re-Grouting floors and walls
  • Grouting the shower walls with additive hardened grout
  • Applying commercial grade silicone to vertical shower wall junctions
  • Sealing internal junctions of shower screen with commercial-grade silicone
  • Sealing tap flanges