Shower Base Seal

If your shower base is leaking, this is with no doubt a time to panic. You need to have a specialist from Water Leak King repair it as soon as possible to protect the surrounding framework of your home from being damaged by water. Seasons bring in hot and cold conditions and that means that your house will considerably expand and contract. With time, the grout between you tiles will definitely begin to suffer. If the sealant used is a cheaper variant, it will start to peel, thus allowing water to seep through.

These problems can be fixed by simply removing the old grout and the sealant other than going for the more expensive alternative and replacing the tiles. We are experts at this. For starters, we will conduct a water pressure test and try to determine any plumbing faults within the shower that could breech it and cause leakage. To stop any incessant dripping, we will carry out a tap service to ensure a constant flow of water in the shower. If need be, we might even have to replace the tap valves to stop the dripping and prevent any water from getting into the cracks when left unattended.

We will seal any tap penetrations behind the flanges with the use of a deep penetrating siloxane waterproofing solution. Generally, the grate of the bathroom is not usually connected mechanically to the waste riser and the cement and sand screed is also pretty evident when the grate is removed. This is likely to allow capillary action of the waste water through the screed beneath the tiles.

To prevent further capillary action and avoid moisture damage to your shower area, we can apply epoxy sleeve to the screed. The shower floor area will be re-grouted to the interior of your shower screen. Prior to epoxy re-grouting, the existing sealant underneath the screen is removed and a new mold inhibiting sealant applied to give you an environment that is healthier.