Full Service Shower Seal

Although they look fabulous when new, tiled showers happen to be the perfect environment to harbor mold and bacteria. The moist and warm conditions coupled with a constant supply of organic matter implies that over time, even those who deem themselves as diligent homeowners might fail to keep their bathroom pristine. If your grout has turned pinkish or orange, that means there’s bacteria living within them and if your silicone has turned black, this means you’re harboring mold.

The actual reality is that tiled showers require constant periodic refurbishment to get them back to their original condition. Give your entire bathroom an affordable, worthwhile facelift with our full service shower seal package. We will make your whole bathroom and shower look more elegant and even brighter by eliminating mold and grime between the tiles in your shower. We employ specialized tools to strip off any grout that exists between the tiles, clean it out and refill it using our waterproofing grout in order to fix and ultimately stop shower leaks.

We specialize in waterproofing all kinds of leaking shower without having to remove the tiles with the use of state-of-the-art technology waterproofing systems in order to seal all wet areas as well as shower screens. There are also alternate methods such as membrane replacement and retiling where we waterproof with the use of a traditional method where we remove the tiles and replace the waterproof membrane before we retile it. We can also revitalize your shower or the entire bathroom area.

Our experience and commitment is the promise of our uncompromising perfection. The expertise employed in our services is unmatched by industry standards in the shower sealing field. You don’t have to rip up or replace the tiles in your bathroom. All your shower leaks will get sealed with the use of our waterproofing systems that have been effectively serving customers around Hobart, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne over the years. With a combination of exclusive procedures, products and tools, our trained technicians will waterproof all wet sections without replacing the tiles. This will not only save you a lot of time and hassle, it also reduces the trouble of spending too much money buying and replacing tiles by fixing any form of leakage in your bathroom.

Almost all leaking showers are capable of being waterproofed effectively without investing as much. We guarantee that with our procedures and materials, all leaks will be sealed within four hours and your bathroom will be ready for use by the next day and with a revitalized new look.