Bathroom Makeovers

Bathrooms happen to be a hub of activity, the one most highly trafficked areas in every home and you need to get everything to work. Be it faucets, outlets, showerheads, showers, tubs or the toilet, all form a very significant part of your bathroom. They are basically a team which means that if one fails, there’s need to repair the damage lest it spreads on to the others.

The humidity in the bathroom makes it rather the most prone part of your house to water damage. If the fixtures are not properly installed, there will be additional costs on your part. Well, not to worry. Our professionals are at your disposal whenever you need help on whatever bathroom project you need completed. If your bathroom is outdated and tired, we are your go-to for renovation and remodelling. You can trust in our expertly trained technicians to upgrade your bathroom area with a makeover which they will complete quickly and correctly.

We have every reason to believe that there’s nothing else capable of freshening up your bathroom like newly installed vanity and mirrors, new light fixtures and brand new elegantly furnished tiles. We can clean out grout or if it pleases you more, we can entirely re-grout it. If necessary, the grout on the wall will be repaired, recolored and sealed with our unique solutions to provide you with a wipe-clean surface. There’s no doubt floor tiles make an excellent option to transform your bathroom completely – we specialize in this too.

We will eliminate your flooring headache and upgrade your bathroom into a place you would love to be in and unwind at the end of the day. With our tile installation for the bathroom makeover, we guarantee added value and beauty to your bathroom with special attention paid to provide a practical solution for those parts that get lots of foot traffic. What’s more, we take away all the trouble and ensure it is easy to clean.

Water damage is mostly linked to bathrooms and can spread like a cancer; we can help prevent this. We will seal your showers and prevent your baths from leaking. Water Leak King are specialists at bathroom remodelling with thousands of restorations completed throughout Australia. A systematic approach is undertaken to ensure that the finished result appears even more beautiful than its original installation. A bathroom makeover is a worthwhile investment and seeking out our services is one informed decision you will never regret.