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Shower Regrouting

No matter how much you take care of your shower tiles you cannot avoid the inevitable – the tiles will get damaged and dirty over time. Mould, mildew and soap scum are also likely to accumulate on your shower tiles and give you a difficult time to clean. Why not get rid of the old damaged tiles and have new ones that will match your shower better? Water Leak King will happily waterproof & re-tile your shower with quality tiles that will serve you for years to come.

We have worked on countless projects over the years and pleased our customers at every instance. Your shower needs work done? We do it all – removing and fixing shower screens where it is needed, removing existing floor and wall tiles to replace with new ones and much more. Showers used to be simple cabinets because people were scared that any special architectural additions could cause a leak—and expensive repairs. But modern tiling materials, especially spreadable waterproof membranes, have erased these fears. Apply 2 coats of waterproofing membrane to floor and 150mm up the wall in accordance with Australian standards will make sure there are no leaks. We take responsibility of the whole process – cleaning and preparing the base for waterproofing.

With the help of tiles during the construction of the cabin, you can level the walls, disguise the errors of repair, and hide some constructive elements in the bathroom. Using ceramic elements of various types, you can create a mini-zone that stylistically will not differ from the rest of the room, whereas modern plastic and glass cubicles can hardly fit even in the classic interior.

Our services include but not limited:

  • Removing old screed
  • Replacing villa board to walls where required
  • Laying new screed to the floor if required
  • Re-Grouting floors and walls
  • Grouting the shower walls with additive hardened grout
  • Applying commercial grade silicone to vertical shower wall junctions
  • Sealing internal junctions of shower screen with commercial-grade silicone
  • Sealing tap flanges
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Full Service Shower Seal

Although they look fabulous when new, tiled showers happen to be the perfect environment to harbor mold and bacteria. The moist and warm conditions coupled with a constant supply of organic matter implies that over time, even those who deem themselves as diligent homeowners might fail to keep their bathroom pristine. If your grout has turned pinkish or orange, that means there’s bacteria living within them and if your silicone has turned black, this means you’re harboring mold.

The actual reality is that tiled showers require constant periodic refurbishment to get them back to their original condition. Give your entire bathroom an affordable, worthwhile facelift with our full service shower seal package. We will make your whole bathroom and shower look more elegant and even brighter by eliminating mold and grime between the tiles in your shower. We employ specialized tools to strip off any grout that exists between the tiles, clean it out and refill it using our waterproofing grout in order to fix and ultimately stop shower leaks.

We specialize in waterproofing all kinds of leaking shower without having to remove the tiles with the use of state-of-the-art technology waterproofing systems in order to seal all wet areas as well as shower screens. There are also alternate methods such as membrane replacement and retiling where we waterproof with the use of a traditional method where we remove the tiles and replace the waterproof membrane before we retile it. We can also revitalize your shower or the entire bathroom area.

Our experience and commitment is the promise of our uncompromising perfection. The expertise employed in our services is unmatched by industry standards in the shower sealing field. You don’t have to rip up or replace the tiles in your bathroom. All your shower leaks will get sealed with the use of our waterproofing systems that have been effectively serving customers around Hobart, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne over the years. With a combination of exclusive procedures, products and tools, our trained technicians will waterproof all wet sections without replacing the tiles. This will not only save you a lot of time and hassle, it also reduces the trouble of spending too much money buying and replacing tiles by fixing any form of leakage in your bathroom.

Almost all leaking showers are capable of being waterproofed effectively without investing as much. We guarantee that with our procedures and materials, all leaks will be sealed within four hours and your bathroom will be ready for use by the next day and with a revitalized new look.


Shower Base Seal

If your shower base is leaking, this is with no doubt a time to panic. You need to have a specialist from Water Leak King repair it as soon as possible to protect the surrounding framework of your home from being damaged by water. Seasons bring in hot and cold conditions and that means that your house will considerably expand and contract. With time, the grout between you tiles will definitely begin to suffer. If the sealant used is a cheaper variant, it will start to peel, thus allowing water to seep through.

These problems can be fixed by simply removing the old grout and the sealant other than going for the more expensive alternative and replacing the tiles. We are experts at this. For starters, we will conduct a water pressure test and try to determine any plumbing faults within the shower that could breech it and cause leakage. To stop any incessant dripping, we will carry out a tap service to ensure a constant flow of water in the shower. If need be, we might even have to replace the tap valves to stop the dripping and prevent any water from getting into the cracks when left unattended.

We will seal any tap penetrations behind the flanges with the use of a deep penetrating siloxane waterproofing solution. Generally, the grate of the bathroom is not usually connected mechanically to the waste riser and the cement and sand screed is also pretty evident when the grate is removed. This is likely to allow capillary action of the waste water through the screed beneath the tiles.

To prevent further capillary action and avoid moisture damage to your shower area, we can apply epoxy sleeve to the screed. The shower floor area will be re-grouted to the interior of your shower screen. Prior to epoxy re-grouting, the existing sealant underneath the screen is removed and a new mold inhibiting sealant applied to give you an environment that is healthier.

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Shower Over Bath Seal

New silicone around your shower will definitely provide a clean new look you may have been trying to achieve for years. It will also go a long way into helping you avoid costly water damages. Our shower over bath seal services are specifically designed for that wet area of your bathroom. Even a leak from your shower that may seem small could progress into a potential risk causing you or your loved ones to slip or even graduate into a breakage that floods your entire house.

Our products are environmentally friendly and available in a range of varying colors to provide a superior shower sealing and prevent any leakages. The appearance is also undeniably elegant and will perfectly match your bathroom regardless of its design. We will deep clean the shower enclosure with the use of deep extraction equipment to ensure the extraction of all contaminants from the grout and tiles.

Our replacement solutions are totally stain-proof and waterproof to ensure that your shower is not only beautiful but free from leaks as well after installation. Our specialists are fully trained in the application of silicone professionally and we recommend that you have it installed in your shower corners as soon as you notice a leak. We promise to make the experience of removing the silicone and replacing it not just simple but also enjoyable and safe.

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Bathroom Regrouting Services

Old, damaged and missing tiles can make even the most beautiful of tiles appear ugly. It can even turn out to be the cause of some structural damages to your home. At times, you have no alternative and the only option you are left with is to remove the old grout and replace it with a new one. Flaking and cracking grout especially around wet areas can cause water to seep into the wet areas of your house and if not treated soon enough, it could make your entire house damp and unhealthy. Re-grouting removes the non-sanded, old grout and replaces it with new caulk and grout when installed.

We offer one of the most unique services that cleans down the tiles and the grout to remove mold, scum or limescale. Having been in this field for many years, you can count on our technicians to be at your home on time and with all the necessary tools and equipment. We have a wide range of re-grouting products at our disposal. It doesn’t matter how often you clean your bathroom of the dirt that tends to cling on to the wall. We will find the best products that can cut through all the crevices to get your old, damaged tiles looking good as new.

What we bring you is a solution that will be able to endure the moist conditions of your bathroom that could increase its susceptibility to stains while avoiding the trouble of retiling altogether. You get to save a decent amount of money since you are only spending just a fraction of what you might have wasted on replacing the tiles. You also save lots of time – on what could have spent your hours or even days on, our specialists will ensure it gets done sooner.

The re-grouting process goes further than just the floor; your shower will probably have a few flukes. But that shouldn’t be a reason to panic. We will cover every square inch of your bathroom. Customer satisfaction is the basis of our services and so we promise to give you an elegant and impressive overhaul of your bathroom tiles. If you have been seeking a cheaper yet efficient re-grout for your bathroom, you have come to the right place.

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Bathroom Makeovers

Bathrooms happen to be a hub of activity, the one most highly trafficked areas in every home and you need to get everything to work. Be it faucets, outlets, showerheads, showers, tubs or the toilet, all form a very significant part of your bathroom. They are basically a team which means that if one fails, there’s need to repair the damage lest it spreads on to the others.

The humidity in the bathroom makes it rather the most prone part of your house to water damage. If the fixtures are not properly installed, there will be additional costs on your part. Well, not to worry. Our professionals are at your disposal whenever you need help on whatever bathroom project you need completed. If your bathroom is outdated and tired, we are your go-to for renovation and remodelling. You can trust in our expertly trained technicians to upgrade your bathroom area with a makeover which they will complete quickly and correctly.

We have every reason to believe that there’s nothing else capable of freshening up your bathroom like newly installed vanity and mirrors, new light fixtures and brand new elegantly furnished tiles. We can clean out grout or if it pleases you more, we can entirely re-grout it. If necessary, the grout on the wall will be repaired, recolored and sealed with our unique solutions to provide you with a wipe-clean surface. There’s no doubt floor tiles make an excellent option to transform your bathroom completely – we specialize in this too.

We will eliminate your flooring headache and upgrade your bathroom into a place you would love to be in and unwind at the end of the day. With our tile installation for the bathroom makeover, we guarantee added value and beauty to your bathroom with special attention paid to provide a practical solution for those parts that get lots of foot traffic. What’s more, we take away all the trouble and ensure it is easy to clean.

Water damage is mostly linked to bathrooms and can spread like a cancer; we can help prevent this. We will seal your showers and prevent your baths from leaking. Water Leak King are specialists at bathroom remodelling with thousands of restorations completed throughout Australia. A systematic approach is undertaken to ensure that the finished result appears even more beautiful than its original installation. A bathroom makeover is a worthwhile investment and seeking out our services is one informed decision you will never regret.


Leaking Balcony Repairs

Balcony leaks can be pretty damaging to your home and could ultimately result in long term structural problems that can eventually cost you a lot of money if left unattended.

You might have noticed calcification in grout lines, water damage to paint or plaster, cracking on the surfaces or in grout lines and lifting of tiles off the surface. These are just some of the causes of balcony leaks.

Water Leak King can save you a lot in terms of money and time. We employ advanced water detection and thermal imaging to diagnose the problem areas accurately and quickly. You can count on our quality service and workmanship to provide you with all types of repairs for your balcony. We have a broad range of colors to match your style and you can select from our wide variety of tiles including terracotta, slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, terrazzo and marble.

Our two-part system utilizes a mechanism that stops your leaking balcony without having to remove the tiles. With our balcony repair and sealing service, you get to save money, time and hassle. For this reason, clients on a budget, those that are simply in need of a balcony facelift or with minimal damage to their balcony also get to enjoy our unmatched expertise. The standard service is offered to cover complete de-grout of an entire balcony while a tile over tile service includes waterproofing, priming and a retile of the current surface with our exclusive range of tiling products.

The liquid repair membranes employed in balcony repairs are the best the market has to offer. Whatever your balcony repair issue is, contact us. Our customer service works around the clock and we will see to it that a consultant assesses your situation and provides a viable solution.