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Leaking Shower Repairs Brisbane

Leaking Shower Repairs

Installing a shower will require extreme care and attention to detail. There are a lot on the line; the way it looks, its quality and longevity. However, not all showers are installed flawlessly and most of them signal issues shortly after. One of the most common issues is leaking showers. Many of our customers in Brisbane are calling us regarding their leaking showers. This problem is common and we believe it is up to us to fix these issues. A leaking shower might be result of more than a few causes, however, one thing is certain: Water Leak King knows how to fix it! We are coming to you with a financially flexible offer to seal your shower, or waterproof your shower without touching your tiles.

Cracked grout, recessed joints and peeling tiles are signs of leakage, but when the grout joints get black with mould and the tiles sink to the ground, it’s more than time to intervene!

Why do showers leak?

A standout amongst the most well-known reasons for leaking showers is the absence of waterproofness of the silicone seal. At the point when this is the situation, the water goes around between the shower and tiles. State of silicone seals should be checked periodically. To abstain from leaking, silicone seals must be much of the time checked and supplanted if necessary. Silicone seals guarantee the tightness of sinks, tubs and other shower plates. They moreover help to fight against water invasion that can cause serious damage and rising dampness. What may in like manner be bewildering is how the leak isn’t steady or constant; in any case, it is imperative to act since it just shows that the seals begin to age and that after some time, the leak won’t stop and will similarly tend to deteriorate.

  • Our technicians will assess the condition of your shower’s silicon seals
  • Our technicians will replace the silicone seals if deemed necessary

Another normal reason is the tile joints. After some time, they get wet and fall off in the shower. This can be kept away from and repaired by waterproof various products.

  • We will remove the faulty tiles
  • We will use waterproof cement and extra sealing layer to put back the tiles

A leaking shower head might be the consequence extreme tightening of the shower head, causing wear of the inward segments. Undoubtedly, these extras are delicate and must be shielded from damages. To anticipate shower head leakage, normal maintenance is required. To this end, it is important to clean it frequently to keep the amassing of rust, calcium and different residues.

What we do:

  1. Checking for leaks – by utilizing a wide range of tools and methods, we first check for the leaks and locate them. We will find out the cause and get ready to repair it.
  2. De-grout – (if it is required) of the shower area, to be able to fix the problem for once and all.
  3. Repairing the membrane – we only use the best waterproof products to repair tiles.
  4. Re-grout – We will replace the grout with high-quality material while applying appropriate sealant.
  5. Sealing the shower walls – We will apply quality sealant on the shower walls given that it is required to ensure a waterproof shower.

Why Choose Us?

We are bringing reliable services for our clients and assuring they are 100% fulfilled. Our services are par with world standards while being still affordable. With its accomplished and pro staff, Water Leak King manages the issues recognized by your shower professionally, in light of consumer loyalty.

We offer adaptable and dependable services. After the issues are analyzed by our group, they will settle the issue by utilizing the required mechanical assemblies and tools. In a brief timeframe, the issue is destitute down and as per the basic suggestions, proficient procedures are considered and persisting fixes are delivered.

We likewise offer the essential check-ups after service. We are the leading service because; we give ensured service to our clients every minute of every day without backing up from any challenges.

In the extent of the services offered by our expert and experienced staff trained in the field, you will get solutions for your inquiries and issues identified with a wide range of water leaks.

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