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Leaking Shower Repairs Adelaide

Leaking Shower Repairs

Installing a shower is a complex task and will require professionals doing their best. There are many nuances that affect; the way shower looks, its quality and lifespan. Not every shower installation goes according to the plan and bother homeowners with various issues. Leaking showers are one of the most common in this case. The amount of calls we get regarding leaking shower in Adelaide cannot be denied. It is has become an everyday issue and we believe it is our responsibility to deal with these issues. There are more than a few causes for leaking showers, in any case, one thing is sure: Water Leak King will fix your leaking shower in Adelaide! We are coming to you with a fiscally adaptable offer to seal your shower or waterproof your shower without contacting your tiles.

Cracked grout, recessed joints and peeling tiles are signs of leakage, but when the grout joints get black with mould and the tiles sink to the ground, it’s more than time to intervene!

Why do showers leak?

The most known guilty party behind leaking showers is the old and worn out silicone seals. It is for this situation the water goes around between the shower and tiles. The state of silicone seals should be checked consistently. To abandon leaking, silicone seals should be assessed regularly and replaced if required. Silicone seals guarantee the tightness of sinks, tubs and other shower plates. They likewise help to fight against water interruption that can cause authentic damage to the bathroom. It is very important to act timely in order to avoid further damage that may arise from leaking showers. Call us today and rest assured we will come to your aid.

  • Our experts will assess the condition of your shower’s silicon seals
  • Our experts will replace the silicone seals if deemed necessary

Another normal reason is the tile joints. After some time, they get wet and fall off in the shower. This can be kept away from and repaired by waterproof various products.

  • We will remove the faulty tiles
  • We will use waterproof cement and extra sealing layer to put back the tiles

A leaking shower head might be the consequence extreme tightening of the shower head, causing wear of the inward segments. Undoubtedly, these extras are delicate and must be shielded from damages. To anticipate shower head leakage, normal maintenance is required. To this end, it is important to clean it frequently to keep the amassing of rust, calcium and different residues.

What we do:

  1. Checking for leaks – by utilizing a wide range of tools and methods, we first check for the leaks and locate them. We will find out the cause and get ready to repair it.
  2. De-grout – (if it is required) of the shower area, to be able to fix the problem for once and all.
  3. Repairing the membrane – we only use the best waterproof products to repair tiles.
  4. Re-grout – We will replace the grout with high-quality material while applying appropriate sealant.
  5. Sealing the shower walls – We will apply quality sealant on the shower walls given that it is required to ensure a waterproof shower.

Why Choose Us?

We are bringing trustworthy services for our clients and ensuring they are 100% fulfilled. Our services meet all types of households and showers while being at reasonable rates. With the extensive experience and master skills, we can guarantee to fix your shower leaking problem.

It is our expert team’s goal to meet your requests seamlessly and ensure maximum satisfaction is always our priority. You are suggested to feel the privileges of these innovative, reliable and optimum solutions that we have created for you. Our team closely both national and global advancements to keep their skills and tools updated. We are not offering solutions through memorization but through innovation and creativity.

We aim to provide unconditional customer satisfaction and meet expectations. We increase the productivity of our business by developing ergonomic, accurate solutions in time. With understanding of our services, we work hard to achieve optimum work efficiency, to reduce our costs and to reflect to our customers.

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