Indications That You Have Shower Leaks

A leaky shower can lead to several building defects if left unchecked and will cost you a considerable amount of money to fix. Besides, dealing with these issues is daunting, which makes it crucial that you call in the skilled professionals Water Leak King to get your leaky shower fixed.

The bathroom is probably the most used part of the house; however, it’s one of the most ignored parts of the house as well. Several homeowners fail to understand the importance of having a well-maintained bathroom. Besides the damage it causes, having a leaking shower can be incredibly troublesome. This makes it essential that you fix the issue as soon as you notice it. You will end up spending a significant amount of money on repairs if you fail to take action on time.

Shower Leaks- The Indicators

These are several signs that indicate shower seals leak, such as:

  • Dampness or build-up of mould
  • Mould on the ceilings, walls, and cupboards
  • Peeling paint: exterior wall, ceiling, and bathroom
  • Stained timber under your house or subfloor
  • Swelling skirting boards
  • Musty smell – wet carpet and wallpaper
  • Cracked tiles in the bathroom
  • Missing grout in the shower seal

Causes of Shower Seal Leakages

Here is a list of the different things that can lead to leaks in the shower seal:

1. Cracks or Weakening of the Building Structure

A subtle movement in the building structure can have a considerable impact on your bathroom as well as your shower in several ways. It slowly weakens and cracks show up in the grout, joints of the floor and wall, and shower seal. The water then eventually makes it’s way below the surface of your tiles. 

2. Shifts in the Building Structure

Several different factors can result in leaks in the shower seal or shower bath; however, a movement in the structure is probably one of the most common causes of it. Shifts in the building structure occur when the building settles into its foundation or if it naturally moves due to significant changes in the climate.

3. Waterproof Membrane Deterioration

The water is prevented from reaching the walls and flooring due to the waterproofing membrane beneath the tiles. The shower sealing membrane can sustain damage as a result of building movement, chemical breakdown due to aging, or poor installation. These cracks in the membrane let the water seep into the surrounding areas, which causes the damage.

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