How Professionals Handle Shower Leak Problems

Shower spaces are a daily use feature in a bathroom and exposed to water and moisture all the time. Even the sturdiest of the products are not immune to wear and tear when in contact with water day in and day out. So, it isn’t surprising that shower areas with poor quality waterproofing develop problems after a while. If you notice any water damage to the wall surrounding the shower, it’s essential that you call an experienced technician to fix leaking shower. That’s where we at Water Leak King come in.

When Do You Need To Call A Professional?

Like many other leaks, you might consider shower leaks as inconsequential and ignore them till they escalate and turn into a more significant problem. When a small damp patch shows up on the wall of a room adjacent to your bathroom, it indicates there is substantial leakage through the tiles and that it has been present for some time. These are the other signs which indicate its time to call professionals to inspect the leakage and undertake repairs:

  • Water damage – When water stains and damage appear on the ceiling under the bathroom or the wall near the shower, check the latter for any leakage.
  • Gaps between a shower tray and walls – Generally post-installation, a shower traysinks very slightly and settles, leaving no gap. Sometimes, if this does not happen, the leakage occurs through the gap between the shower tray and the wall.
  • Cracked Grout – Grout is porous as well as sandy and isn’t durable like the tiles it seals. It can develop cracks or deteriorate over time which makes it susceptible to leakages. The water can seep through the porous material, under the tiles easily.
  • Mould spots – Just as mould spots indicate lack of proper cleaning, its growth in grout lines indicates there are some gaps in the silicone sealant and this problem needs to be fixed without delay.

You Need Experts to Fix Leaking Shower

A shower leak problem requires a specialist to inspect the damage, identify the problem area, and work out suitable solutions. These specialists handle hundreds of such leakage jobs and are hands-on in their approach. Here is the process they follow:

  • They attend to your call immediately, schedule an appointment, and visit your premises.
  • The experts inspect and detect the leak, damages to walls, and the surrounding area and suggest a solution.
  • They provide a transparent quote.
  • After your approval, they begin the work.
  • They test the area to ensure the work has been completed correctly.

We at Water Leak King can fix leaking shower promptly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We follow a systematic and friendly approach in our work. Visit our testimonials page to see what others have to say about us here at Water Leak King. If you have questions, fill in this form, and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.You can also give us a call at 1300 934 863 if you need immediate assistance with any shower leak problems.