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Shower Sealing Fairfield East

Shower Sealing Fairfield East


Showers are very damp spaces and all of the surfaces in that area of the bathroom are constantly exposed to water. Unsurprisingly, this can cause leaks, especially if the walls and floors aren’t sealed well. Water has the tendency to get inside every crack and vulnerability in a shower so it’s important to ensure there’s a water-tight seal on all surfaces. If you find massive leaks, just give us at Water Leak King a call. We’ve a team of experts who have ample experience with shower sealing Fairfield East. They’ll ensure your shower is waterproof once again.


Shower Sealing Fairfield East


Why Do You Need Shower Sealing?


As we mentioned before, bathroom areas are very damp, and the walls, ceiling, and floor are exposed to excessive amounts of moisture. While the tiled surfaces are impervious to water and humidity, the grout between the tiles is porous. It’s made of sand, water, and cement so there’s enough room for water to seep in and cause problems.


A high-quality sealant will form an impenetrable layer over the exposed grout and ensure moisture doesn’t slip in and cause problems. If you don’t get shower sealing Fairfield East done, you will face a number of problems like the ones mentioned below. If you want to know more about shower or balcony sealing, visit this page.


  • Mould in the grout lines-The porous nature of the grout will create an ideal environment for mould and you will have to deal with black and green spots on a pristine white surface.

  • Water damage in the rooms-Eventually all of the moisture will slip past the tiles and cause water damage to the adjoining rooms. That will leave unsightly patches on the bedroom and living room walls that can’t be repaired unless you seal the shower.

  • Extensive structural damage– If you don’t address the problem quickly, you’ll have to deal with extensive structural damage as well. The studs and walls behind the bathroom walls, ceilings, and floors will eventually become damaged due to constant exposure to moisture.

    How Can We Help?


    We’ve worked on several shower sealing Fairfield East projects in the past and are very familiar with the process. We offer our services in these areas and have a competent customer care team to help you schedule the appointment and offer a preliminary quote. Once you agree to the quote and hire us, we take the following steps:


  • Arrive at your property to assess the conduction of the walls and the extent of the damage.

  • Carefully examine the existing grout lines to determine whether you need regrouting.

  • Provide a more detailed quote or estimate for the job.

  • Start working on the clean-up and sealing immediately after you agree with the thorough estimate.

    Want to make sure whether we’ll be the right choice for shower sealing Fairfield East? Visit our testimonials page to see what others have to say about us here at Water Leak King. If you have questions, just fill in this form and we’ll contact you as soon as we can. You can also give us a call at 1300 885 382 if you need immediate assistance.

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